Can anyone recommend a good running shoe?

Oct 18, 2004
Hey all, my job requires me to wear some all or mostly black running shoe [AM 360 II Black/Lime Green would be pushing it] and I can't find the older AM 360 in black/gray or all black.

1) Can you recommend a comfortable, durable running shoe that comes in an all black/mostly black colorway? I tried on some shox today in a store but putting them on for 5 minutes does not hold up to people's day-long experiences. I work full time as a valet so I do a bunch of burst-running in spurts and need something more suitable. Right now I am working 8 hours a day in Vans =[ . I find AM 360 real comfortable and that is my idea of a good running shoe. My budget is $150 tops, preferable to be something under a bill.

2) To help my search, can you recommend some web sites that may sell the older AM 360? I tried Eastbay, pickyourshoes etc and they all only carry the AM 360 II. The black/black and black/gray on Ebay that I see, i'm not too sure of getting in terms of legitimacy.

here are the ones i see on ebay.

3) how do AM 360 hybrids fit? do they fit more like their older styles and just benefit from the added cushioning or do they feel completely different?
it seems like AM360s are your only choice, because of the type of work that u do, u need something that looks professional and no other running shoe company does technological running shoes that u can roll in style.
So stick with Nikes.

For the legit check on the ones u found on eBay, u always need to ask for more pics of different angles, and ask for at least one photo to have a handwritten tag included with the users ID, and date they send u the pictures.
Do the legit check in the legit check section of the forum or if nobody responds try ISS's forum
Anybody willing to ID Kobe II, and then send them to Canada?, PM me for fee​
the asics 2120s are a very good shoe. while the design isnt as clean as the AM360 is, i think they are more comfortable and do come in a black colorway that has only minor amounts of silver on it
Try the Asics Nimbus VIIs... I have 2 pairs of 360s and the Asics blow them out of the water in terms of comfort, cushioning and fit.
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