Can anyone recommend me a good multi-purpose messenger / laptop bag???

Jun 6, 2004
I work primarily in NYC and my job calls for me to be here one day, and there the next. So I end up having to carry everything with me at all times, includingmy laptop. I've been getting by with a generic laptop bag for a couple years now but its starting to kill my neck (I like to keep the strap around myneck).

I was wondering if any of yall dudes can recommend a good sporty/comfortable laptop bag that's not too bulky but at the same time has alot of space, andisnt a strain on my neck.

Just some extra info........On any given day I'm carrying my laptop, a stack of files, a book or 2, all my laptop accessories, lunch, and a liter bottle ofwater. (A bag with a slot for a big bottle of water would be a plus).

Thanks in advance for any help....I've been looking for a minute but haven't found anything


Nov 29, 2007
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