Can anyone tell me if is legit and if anyone has order from them before?

Joined Aug 1, 2012

saw their post on instagram selling shoes and crazy shirts...weird thing about them is they take 2 weeks to send from Texas?

If any one has bought from them and received shoes or shirts from them please let me know.  Thank you.
Joined Oct 10, 2012
Yeah they're legit on the shirts. As far as the shoes, I can't confirm cause I've never purchased shoes from there. 
Joined Dec 23, 2013
Not legit. Ordered two crewnecks from them and they gave me a tracking number that never worked. Didn't respond to my emails but was very quick to delete anything I wrote about it on their Instagram page
Joined Mar 7, 2014
they're definitely legit...probably ordered from them 5 times at least....always take care of me square biz.
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