Can Anyone Unlock A Phone For Free

Jun 3, 2006
I need to get a V3 RAZR (Rogers branded) unlocked for use as a backup...

I know the usual spots for 20-30 bucks and my dude that would do it free is out of town, does anybody know how or will be willing to do it for free for me?

Or referral to someone/place that will do it for dirt cheap?

Thanks, I will return the favour but nothing sexual.



I can probably do it. I'm actually going to sell mine on the bay as I have the crackberry for work.

OH, btw, my fee would be zero...lemme try it on mine to make sure I can...its pretty simple as I understand.
I'd rather give it to someone who has done it before and won't mess up with the boatloader, etc...

I've done it on past phones using p2k tools and all that but I wanna sure thing, if you can do it for sure guaranteed let me know.

just pay the damn 20 bucks......

smh at you mr.analog for making a post of this nature....

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