Can someone PLEASE school me on renting a car?

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-I'm 23
- traveling about 1500 miles.
-4 days

Besides the basic fee + taxes is there anything I need to know?
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since you are 23, there will be an extra fee, they will need to know what states you will be driving in etc etc, and they usually expect you to fill the car up with gas when you drop it off.

oh and you want to get unlimited mileage.
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Some states you have to be +25 to rent a car and if that person renting it doesn't put you down as a driver (which I'm sure will cost more) and you get pulled over it may be all bad. My Cousin got pulled over in my Aunt's rental a month ago and since her name wasn't on the paperwork they put her out and impounded it.
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Some places let you rent under 25 but they are gonna charge you a deposit which will get refunded when you return the car
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If u are taking the car outa state DO NOT tell the rental company this. There is usually a charge for taking the car outa state.

Check's rapid rewards program for good discounts on car rentals. You dont have to be a member of the rapid rewards program, just enter the codes or book the car thru southwest
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Originally Posted by play2much2004

Get insurance...
wordup... extra few dollars is worth it

pretty much like everybody else said ... you can rent under 25 but its gonna cost more

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