Can someone recommend me a good program to learn Spanish?

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I know about Rosetta Stone, but is there anything else that is better? Also for those who have learned another language, can you give me some tips...I'm trying to learn Spanish. Thanks 
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I find it more effective to be around people that speak the language so that you can pick up on things better
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Get you a spanish speaking jump off and have her teach you while you get the buns. Two birds one stone, you're welcome.
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I dated a Spanish speaking chick and told her to throw Spanish into our convos. I learned a good bit of it before we broke up.
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I learned in school, but honestly just learning and reviewing a language will only develop your skills so much. I find that when you're actually forced to use it in real life, you'll refine your skills much more than if you were to keep reading on vocab/verb forms and such.
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Originally Posted by HOOD17

I found this helpful this past spring to remember the basics. Hope this helps. Plus it's free.
This is awesome, thank you..And thank you for those who answered seriously...Unfortunately I am not in the place to move to a spanish speaking country lol. I would like to learn without me packing up and moving overseas, definitely not that serious..
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