Can you wear sneakers on a motorcycle without ruining them?

Jan 11, 2013
I upgraded from a bicycle to a motorcycle at the end of last season so it was wet weather so I was obviously not going to wear sneakers while riding.

As I'll finally be able to ride in nice weather for the first time soon, I'm wondering if you can ride a motorcycle with sneakers without ruining them?

The work boots I wore to ride got far dirtier in under 2 months riding than they had in 1.5 years of normal wear but that's because it was wet/raining much of the time.

In hot dry weather, can you wear sneakers on a motorcycle without ruining them? I'm mostly concerned with shifting with the right foot as you need to push the shifter up which could wear out the toe area.

I just thought of looking at the sneakers I wore at motorcycle school (it was still hot summer weather while I took the course) and they don't seem affected.
They say don’t ride with your regular shoes - when I had a a street bike, I always wore all black mid-high top sneakers with a sock on the toe.

You should ask the people in this thread…

All I know is I'm not gonna be scared seeing Predator biking by in some crocs
You have high speed dirt particles crashing into your shoes on a nonstop basis.

Why would you do that to yourself?
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