Canada getting Black/Maize Kobe IIs on 3/29??

Nov 30, 2002
according to the forum in the nike section, these are dropping on thursday, my work (footlocker) didnt get them yesterday so im praying they will within the next two........but maybe they are only a US release?
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any Tdot NTers wanna call the eaton centre FL and ask?
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Haha.. Damn... Why don't you call!?
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so the eaton centre FL has no clue......looks like a USA only release
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just got off the phone w/ chinook FL (Calgary), only info they gave me was middle of april, black/maize. +2 more weeks. WEAKSAUCE.
Not bad eh?

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Strengths are dropping in May...I have them ordered for my store.
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Those look nice. I'll have to see how they feel. Might have some new ball shoes in the making... :lol:
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the kobe I 81 pt editions were nicer than these
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Word is, try them on before purchasing, if you plan to ball in these. Apparently, they irritate your achilles something fierce. Check Nike forum for more info.
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