Canadian going to buy iPhone - must proove US citizenship?

Mar 27, 2004
Hi guys. I'm Canadian in Vancouver and plan to drive down to Seattle to cop me an iPhone and unlock it myself. I heard that the AT&T and Apple Stores are demanding to see proof of U.S. citizenship (i.e. drivers licence, etc.) to buy an iPhone. Is this true? When I pay U.S. Cash will they check? Or is this all baloney and I can use my Canadian Visa? Has anyone been asked for proof? I need to know before I head down there. Thanks.
Only thing I can suggest is you go to your bank in Vancouver and withdraw some money in American currency.......haven't heard of the stores asking to see proof of american citizenship though

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And if anything just ask someone walking by if they can help a brother out and buy the iphone for you...but from the news it's gonna be hard to find an actual american down there in buff on weekends lol, apparently like over 80% of shoppers are canadians
give the apple store a call, I'm sure they'll let you know if they need to check if you're American citizen or not over the phone...
no u don't need it.
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dont forget u cant unlock iphones with the 1.1.1 firmware already installed...or not yet at least..
Ya, that wasnt good, but just dont update to the latest firmware if you got one already on 1.0.2

I'm just hoping there will be a way around it....only time will tell.
Can Apple legally do that?? "Bricking" phones customers paid for?

I know its illegal to unlock em, but they still paid for it.
It's illegal to unlock your wireless phone? Since when?
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Lawsuit accuses Apple of unlawful iPhone monopoly

SAN FRANCISCO (AFP) - A civil lawsuit filed in California accuses Apple of creating an unlawful iPhone monopoly and vindictively releasing a software update that turns hacked devices into "iBricks."

The lawsuit, filed by attorney Damian Fernandez on behalf of a California man, accuses Apple of creating a monopoly by barring US customers from choosing a cellphone service provider other than US telecom giant AT&T.

The lawsuit also says Apple released last month a software update that disables iPhones that customers managed to unlock to choose another carrier.

Fernandez, who filed the lawsuit on October 5, is seeking "class action" status to expand the litigation to cover all US iPhone buyers.

In court documents, Fernandez estimates that Apple has sold 1.28 million iPhones since they went on sale in the United States on June 29.

Several hundred thousand of those phones were hacked to enable them to connect to service providers other than AT&T, which has a five-year deal to be the exclusive US telephone service for the devices.

The lawsuit says Apple has created a monopoly by forcing iPhone buyers to use AT&T and not "unlocking" the devices to allow service by rival carriers.

An update released September 27 for iPhone software disables hacked devices, turning the phones into "iBricks," the suit alleged.

"Apple punished consumers for exercising their rights to unlock their iPhones," Fernandez says in court documents.

"Apple issued a software update that 'bricked' or otherwise caused iPhone malfunctions for consumers who unlocked their phones and installed the update."

The suit demands a jury trial and asks the court to order Apple to unlock iPhones and provide warranty service to hacked devices.

It also demands Apple be forced to pay unspecified cash damages.

"Apple's unlawful trust with AT&T substantially lessens competition and tends to create a monopoly in trade and commerce throughout the entire United States," Fernandez claims in the suit.

Apple declined to comment.

taken from the general fourm. be intresting to see what happens.
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