Cannel 5: War On Fakes

Joined May 2, 2003
Thanks everyone for your feedback. Stop into the store sometime. We got C & C fall line coming in, we got Trimvuir Fall Line, 10 Deep, The Hundreds, Gino Green Global. So stop in if you can.
Joined Sep 19, 2006
This was a great program, lol, nice job.

Say, I might stop up @ the shop on Saturday if you guys will be up there. Lemme know.
Joined Jun 14, 2003
lololololol.... that was soo funny when that dude was just like, "can i help you??? excuse me, excuse me, excuse me" and he wouldn't let that reporter in his store. there is a store here downtown cedar rapids, iowa i wanna bust bad, but idk who to call or how to do it??? any tips

and btw nice store, looks pretty cool, might hafta visit it sometime if im in minneapolis.
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Joined Jul 16, 2006
sstint........ awesome interview. i'll be in the area during the grape release. got an andress/website/info for ur shop.? i wouldnt my takin a look while im down there.
Joined Apr 25, 2005
Is Your store still open??? I aint heard this Dude ^^^^^^^^^^^in a min??
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