Cardboard shoes

Mar 27, 2007
My friend(asian dude in glasses) decided one day that he was going to make a shoe out of cardboard. What he came up with is pretty dope. I posted one of the shoes about a month ago and now i am showing you the other pair he made as well. we have gotten a couple of offers and have decided to sell people shoes. we havent decided on pricing yet but the first 15 people will get a free t-shirt. oh i am putting this in sneaker art and general forums. i know its art but since we want people to buy we i want as many people to see it as possible. please dont ban me.








lolz..people buy those?? bums or what??..why wear cardboard on your feet..its like..wearing the shoebox instead of the shoes
thats a dope custom.... im pretty sure its not for them to be worn.
but i think it would be sick hanging on my wall..... and my friend attempted something like this...but we failled..hah
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cool idea, but try laminating them or gluing a sole from an old shoe on them so they can be worn
For nine year olds, ya'll got some talent.
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i agree with raghib

and i bet those would make great X-Mas ornaments lol
Nice lil concept but i would never be seen in something like that. Yall in fact have talent but save yourself the worries and dont wear them at school EVER.
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