Carlos Mencia--The Punisher Tour

Jun 13, 2003
Saw it Friday night in Austin--outstanding! Dude is crazy and his set was close to 2 hours! *I* was tired from laughing that long--I don't know how he's able to keep his energy up like that.

Not sure if he did a shoe in San Antonio, but I know he was on his way to Dallas for Saturday night (where he did 2 shows!)--did anyone else get to check out the show and if so, I was wondering if he performed that long where you were at....Smooth
His show yesterday here in Dallas was Bananas I went to the late show which was at 11pm it was longer then 2 hours. They also had section for him to celebrated his birthday which is today. The whole crew came out. Also came out to sign autog. pics pretty nice guy.
I wonder if he'll do one here, he better. S.A. helped make him, george lopez, and paul rodriguez aka the three amigos. I've seen him live 5-6 times at the Rivercenter comedy club but that was years back before he blew up. Funniest shows I've ever been to in my life. Your cheeks seriously hurt afterwards.
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