Cavaliers V Magic ECF Game 3 Thread Vol: Best of 5

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after Friday nights epic game, can the Cavs carry that momentum down to Orlando to steal one on the road? My realistic goal is for the Cavs to steal one outof two down there and bring it back to Cleveland tied 2-2. This was its best of 3 with 2 of those here. Best case is they win both down there and close itout on Thursday. I won't miss game 5, I learned my lesson for selling my tickets last time.

We gotta throw Sasha in there more and play small. Play Dwight straight up and guard the 3. I think this is gonna be a tough one because I don't see theCavs getting a 23 point lead on the road. Should be a close one down to the wire again.
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Cavs need game 3, and 4 the most, no matter what they can't go to cleveland 2-2, the way orlando been catching up at cleveland, they need these two gameson the road.
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of course winning both on the road is ideal. id take 1 tho the way mo and delonte have been playing. they are shooting horribly and we are always still in thegames. if one of them goes off for 20+ at home, thats a wrap.
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Yeah, Sasha needs to play at least 20 minutes, and Bron needs to play a lot at pf. We have to match them at their skilled player positions, i.e., pf and sf.Also, we HAVE to watch the weakside threes. One more thing, the Magic have made A LOT of highly contested jump shots. You would think that eventually that willstop, and I think it will, cause they have been hot for three games now going back to game 7 against Boston. Execution is absolute must for game 3, and ey, Mowe're still waiting for you to show up.
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