.::Cavaliers Vs. Celtics::. 1PM ABC::. "Its Gonna Feel Like Your Playing Michael $@'n Jordan"

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The Cavaliers and Celtics play their 4th and final game of the regular season, with the Cavs looking to take 3 of 4 - and 3 straight - from the Cs. While many in the press and fans alike have dismissed the Celtics, they are still 19 games over .500 and extremely dangerous.

Unfortunately for the Celtics, the Cavaliers still have a major carrot worth playing for - homecourt throughout the playoffs and Finals. With their magic number to clinch the NBA's best record at 1, a win by the Cavs OR a loss by the Lakers and the Cavaliers can lock up homecourt throughout. Needless to say, the Celtics would like nothing better than to delay that celebration at least one more game..

While Anderson Varejao is still a question mark after missing the last 3 games, J.J. Hickson has been solid averaging 14.4 points and 8.8 rebounds over his last 5.

While Cleveland comes in having won 9-of-10, the Celtics have lost 3 straight, including a 109-104 OT loss at home to Houston on Friday Night...

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Cavs need to maintain.

Don't anyone get hurt and lets get ready for the playoffs

If there's any game Boston wants to use as a measuring stick and see if they are REALLY ready for the postseason, this is it. They are gonna BRING it. Lets see how the Cavs respond.
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I peeped those dunkmans too... damn Ray Allens is deadly... Cavs just gotta maintain... I hope Mo keeps this confidence he has going into the playoffs
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Originally Posted by HOOD17

It would be nice if Cleavland had a green week jersey too

no it wouldn't....

Mo gettin off to a great start and his team mates or realizing that. Loving the early effort. Celts know they have something to prove so this won't be a cake walk... good game for Easter Sunday
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did i really just hear the announcer say  "when you talk williams parker and gibson, you're talking about 3 of the best we have in the NBA"

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Originally Posted by DontStepOnMyShoes

Hubie just sounded like he felt it move for the first time since 88
Suprised you can even understand what he says. All I hear is him gargling Bron's gonads


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Originally Posted by DubA169

did i really just hear the announcer say  "when you talk williams parker and gibson, you're talking about 3 of the best we have in the NBA"

He was talking about 3pt shooting.
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Did anyone see the Thunder vs Celtics game? I want to know if Durant really was getting a lot of touch calls or was KG exaggerating
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