~~~~| Celebrities Rockin Heat (Fly gear/Fly kicks) VOL. IV | ~~~~


Joined Sep 21, 2012
Ya'll liking this pic, please tell me it ain't because of Ye fit. Ye think he on some old IP Man Bruce Lee type ****
giphy (6).gif

Homie about to start walking around with his hands in his sleeves.

You gotta be age 55 and up to rock that fit by Nas and get away wit it.

Cmon Nas :smh:
Remind me of the "walking suits" my pops be buying down at the Korean spot. :smh:
Joined Dec 14, 2004
You need help dude , I got a year long subscription to Dogfart and can only name 3 of those people . I seen all those movies
You gotta subscription and don’t recognize 4-5 of them? I don’t even watch porn like that and it’s easy to recognize them
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