celebrity with the 'biggest heart'

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Like the title says, 

Which celebrity you guys think has one of the biggest hearts?

-most generous


-does a lot for the community or those less fortunate




some honorable mentions:
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Dead- MJ

Alive- Bill gates
Yeah, pretty good picks. Thing is too, I like when you don't hear about what they do. When you really have a good heart, people will speak well of you and it comes from there. Also, no mention of Kevin Durant yet? I think he's an all around cool dude. Had a friend kick it with him for a bit in 2009/2010 I think when they were in the world games and they played at Radio City Music Hall. He said he was mad chill and a regular dude, he just can ball out of this world.
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Tom Hanks. Had the pleasure of meeting him & his wife twice. Once at an actual charity event and the other while he was down here in Florida. Probably one of the most down-to-earth people I've ever met. Definitely doesn't put himself at such a high regard compared to other celebrities that I've either met and/or heard about...
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Also, Jimmy Kimmel is quite generous. You just never really hear about it.
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