Chapel Hill, NC help

Dec 6, 2005
Six weeks from tomorrow, it looks like I'll be in Chapel Hill for the weekend. Of course, this is the release for the Fire Red Vs. Is there anywhere on this forum I can look for a comprehensive list of spots in the area that will get this general release? Or can someone post or EZ me one?

What are releases like down there? Campouts, etc?

Thanks in advance for any help.
Well no campouts just get there early not sure if anybody in Chapel Hill gets them but Durham is like 10 mins away and the @#%$ Sporting Goods on 15-501 (real close to you) will be getting them cause I work there. Northgate mall will get them but usally pretty deep there. Let me know if you need any more help. I should be able to hold you a size then.
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while in chapel hill make sure you eat at all the spots too...sutton drug store (hameburger and potato munchers), peppers pizza, late nite at hectors or time out chicken (bacon egg cheese and chicken biscuit).
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Thanks man, but most of those places are ALWAYS on my list when I'm in Chapel Hill. ;-)
You can always come to my Finish Line at Southpoint Mall in Durham.
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yeah i think these are GR, so if you cant get em at southpoint mall or northgate mall, raleigh is only 30 minutes away go to crabtree mall. or if you wanna go to a ma&pa store, fashion ave in durham 3500 n roxboro 27704 919-220-7383 ask for Trevor
they call me a "shoe head", two things i love
Is Trevor you, or someone you know there?

It doesn't matter to me where I get them, I'm just hoping I don't have to be up super early, standing in line, etc. I think I'll be ok though, from what I've found out so far. I just don't wanna stress about this while I'm enjoying my weekend in Chapel Hill.
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