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Dave played the public and won. It was never about morals and blah blah. Just the almighty $$$
Actually he just proved that you can weaponize your audience to get these corporations to act right and anyone with that same amount of power should do the same.

All that "business is business" and "a contract's a contract" went out the window when Comedy Central/Viacom saw he had more power than them with the people.

Odd that you want to find something wrong with it
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If an unproven athlete signs a long term contract and then turns into a superstar by year 2, he isn't playing the remainder of the deal at that valuation. That's what happened with Dave. He was a known name but his fame exploded with that show and his name and content became way more valuable and he wanted fair compensation. Simple as that.
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Funny too, “he’s all about money” ...... ahh duh? Show of hands of people who go to work for simply the love of your job? Who isn’t all about the damn money :lol: This ain’t a non negotiable min wage job. This is millions on millions we’re taking about here
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i don't understand what problem people are having with what dave is saying or did.


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Dave’s the dude that walked away from 50 mil too so picking him of all people to be the all about the money guy is funny


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People who called him stupid for routinely breaking COIVD guidelines = cowards

Billionaire Netflix CEO who took his show off streaming platform = courageous.
?-aire CBS Viacom President who took his show off streaming platform = courageous

Ok, Dave.
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If I was a streaming streaming competitor (e.g. NBC with the struggling Peacock streaming service), I would have definitely bought the exclusive streaming rights from CC after Nflx pulled the plug. Nflx has a business relationship to maintain with Chapelle. That's it. NFLX gotta treat the stars in your roster well. That is also part business.
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Dave played the public and won. It was never about morals and blah blah. Just the almighty $$$
He didn’t play the public. He made it very clear that they should properly compensate him for airing his old show. His beef was that he didn’t make a cent from it. Especially a network like HBO, who once told him that they didn’t need him when he pitched Chappelle Show to them. He got his fans onboard and Netflix knows he makes them money, so they stopped the streams and negotiated a streaming revenue deal with him. It was clear from the beginning of his protest.
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