Charissa Thompson has left ESPN

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Let Cassidy Hubbarth cook?
ESPN’s SportsNation will be looking for another new co-host after their latest female talent jumps ship to another sports network.

Charissa Thompson, who left FOX Sports to work at ESPN, will be heading back to FOX Sports in a role that’s currently undetermined. She had her last day with the worldwide leader today, and posted her goodbyes on Twitter including this montage with co-host Marcellus Wiley on SportsNation.
Thank you to my @SportsNation fam… Especially you @marcelluswiley ! Love you all. Thank you for an amazing journey

— Charissa Thompson (@CharissaT) June 21, 2013
Back in May, it was reported that Thompson would be making the move to FOX Sports. Erin Andrews, who made the jump from ESPN to FOX last year, welcomed Thompson moments ago.
FINALLY!!! Congrats and welcome home @CharissaT..Now, lets celebrate..this is going to be LOTSA fun!! @FOXSports

— Erin Andrews (@ErinAndrews) June 22, 2013
Thompson succeeded Michelle Beadle at SportsNation in July 2012 when Beadle made the move to NBC to work on their sports network and other projects such as Access Hollywood. Colin Cowherd, who hosted the show with Beadle, had no interest in continuing on when she left and the show moved out to Los Angeles where Wiley had his radio show on ESPN.

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I bet marcellus is bent..

Cassidy is bangin..and so is charissa..However, molly querim and nicole zaloumus from (nfl am)or however u spell it>>>
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They'll probably replace her with another blond. They have a few new ones. Jade McCarthy is a nice milf.
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That show hasn't been the same since my girl Beadle left.
Michelle and Collin, made it a show. I like Marcellus as well. But to be honest, even though Charissa Thompson was very hot, I found her irritating. Her attitude sucked, and she always had that "better than you" vibe. I didn't even like her on NNL.
As for a replacement, I vote Prim Siripipat. Yes she is a real espn personality.
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