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Oct 30, 2007
Does anyone know when these are going to be retro again? I had two pairs of each and all four are dismantled due to rough basketball playing. :frown:
They need to retro the black and white ones.
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alot of @#%$ should be retroed

come on nike step ya @#%$ ing game up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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this stuff is coming out late this year or early next year i believe?
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be careful what you wish for...these dude's are doing ridiculous things for retroes nowadays...might just make those in a Gold/Brown/Pink colorway or something :stoneface:
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There was a pair on eBay like 2 weeks ago for 120 I thought they could have been fake or something
It's GEN-e-ric, GEN-E-RIC ! ! !​
These will do well on the sales floor that is for sure. Footlocker indicated that these are the highest sellers back then aside from Jordans. I can't wait then..
last summer i remember all the dudes that sell the bootleg dvds and cds on jamaica ave rockin em....think they were 28th street specials lol
These were the beginning of the steep decline of the Barkley line IMO. Followed by the very wack CB4...
Originally Posted by shaqrules

what came out first.these barkley's or da airmax uptempos.

the air max uptempos came out first. these barkleys came out the same time or a little after the air more uptempos. i was hoping that wade would wear these in the olympics, but he ended wearing pippen's oly air more uptempos.
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not da pippen uptempos..da ones that share da same midsole.
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