Charles Barkley in trouble again

Uh-oh. Somebody is fixin to get some money. I think that was in Birmingham too, I know how they like to do our kind up there
There's a reason if u in a golf gallery u don't stound out in front in the line of fire.

Even with professionals, all it takes is one mi**** and ur in icu

I know Hank is pissed. I've been watching the Hank Haney project and Chuck has been working his #+! off to fix his swing. Even though it did make mechuckle, amount of effort that Charles put in really makes me want him to fix that swing.
Without clicking the thread I KNEW it was about this
but I was expecting some article on how the guy is suingCharles.
hold up ... how come his practice swing was smooth ... and then all of a sudden in the middle of his real swing, he hitched and !+$*? no amount of emoticonscan express how hard im laughing right now ... i cant breave
Hank Haney is going to be pissed. It's something about actually being on the course. He's just fine on the range, but when he gets on the course, hehitches. Good grief man.
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His golf swing = Chuck Hayes's free throw motion
More like Shaq
Man I love to watch the games when they areon TnT just to watch the halftime them guys are too funny
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