Charles Hamilton is so disrespectful and ignorant towards Hip-Hop....

Jun 18, 2008
I know this is mad old but I was listening to Donuts in the car and remembering how this clown F'd up Dillas joints on that one mixtape(and even having the nerve to edit and add diff. stuff to the original beat)....Anyway I looked up that whole controversy up to see what he stated about it:
Charles Hamilton: Well, let me start it off like this. Firstof all, I have absolutely nothing but the utmost respect for DetroitHip-Hop. And I’ll make no apologies because quite honestly myrelationship with the Yanceys and the Holten family and theirrelationship with the Moore family and the Hamilton family really isnobody’s business number one. Number two, I’m the first mainstreamartist to make any kind of effort to put any kind of money into theYancey family pocket because I’m putting him as my executive producerthat means when the album does go into stores – mind you this is thefirst album in Interscope and music business history to be distributedby a major label for absolutely free – and the fact remains that whenit gets into stores there is money that will be going into his familiespocket.

Charles Hamilton: He has adaughter, his mom is struggling right now, and his catalogue for a lackof better words has been raped by a whole lot of emcees that respecthim but don’t necessarily put money into the pot. So what can I do as amainstream artist that has a lot of respect for the family and theartist and for the legacy he left behind, put him as the executiveproducer. Now as far as what he did on some “Paul normal
Aug 17, 2004
My bad, you actually acknowledged the age of this article.

Yeah I don't understand how you can just randomly pick a dead producer to your album. #%%%!$$ weirdos in rap.
Feb 5, 2009
I stopped reading after money said the Trackmasters jacked Dilla for the Janet & Q-Tip joint.Either that was a typo or this kid REALLY doesn't know what the %%$! he's talking about.
Apr 1, 2009
So if we really want to step into the paranormal realmwhich is not really a realm that I think anyone wants to have any kindof discussion with me in.


This guy was all over the place, trying to avoid a simple question. Glad I've never listened to any of his tracks, he sounds like a real broad.
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