Charleston, SC

Dec 12, 2005
Im heading down to Charleston next week for Spring Break...looking for SBs and Js as always...

Anything else besides Fairmont, Sportsman's Shoppe, and the Citadel Mall?
Also, whats going on in the nike outlet in N Charleston?
Just been to the outlet on Sat and it was kinda dry to me but u might find something u like.

Anyways, u can try a place called New York Beauty and Fashion in Summerville for some premium AF1's. They also have the '07 white/white lows and u can get them for less than retail.

Other than that, N. Woods and Citadel as well as the others u named are your best bet.
When u was in a class trying to pick a career, I was selling grass, counting cash, drinking a beer...
Yeah the outlets been hit or miss every time ive gone...Im looking for a new pair of basketball shoes, see anything in that area?
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