Cheap/Discount Knott's tickets?

Jun 2, 2005
I'm going to knotts tomorrow and I dont want to pay the full $35 for socal adults. can i get a discount at some grocery store or something? thanks
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If you're familiar with the Union office that's near Knott's, you can go in there and purchase tickets. I can't tell you how much they sell them for, but I know they have them pretty cheap.

It's on the corner of Stanton Ave/Crescent Ave.
save $17 not cost $17. just so u dont get too excited
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i remember when tickets used to be $19 for adults :smh:
AAA members get discounts on Knott's tix. check your local AAA office.

knott's isn't all that fun to me, but i like that fried chix joint that got.
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i say juss do the deal where u buy ur tickets after 4pm cuhz honestly knotts isnt going to take a whole day to do u can probably ride all the rides from 4-close haha
^^^yup, thats what I am doing this Saturday. $20 from 5pm-11pm, Can't beat that.

*if any of y'all need coupons we have booklets here at my office. Either you can come pick them up or PM and i'll mail some out.

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