cheapest hotels in NYC(manhattan)? mods - please move if needed

Joined Aug 20, 2003
whats up NYC nters?

wasn't sure if this sure be in the Regional forum or here, but figured you can't go wrong with the general forum.

i've been to nyc plently a time, even lived there for 6 months, so im pretty familiar with all of manhattan. but even time ive visted before or after ilived there, i've always had a place to stay whether it be nyu, columbia, or where ever but now it being summer. im looking for a cheap manhattan hotel,preferable 80s or lower. good lucks NTers.
Joined Feb 12, 2008
hotel pennsylvania...right across the street from madison square garden, 33rd and 7th.

hotel isn't the best at all, but it's not like you'll be in the hotel much besides when you're sleeping.

we stayed there last week for just under $70 a night.
Joined Aug 20, 2003
rsdplaya - thanks alot.
i know exactly where that is.
when i lived in nyc, i actually lived in the new yorker hotel in the student part, and its like 250/night there which is crazy lol.
appreciate the help.
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