Chicago Bulls Thread NEW GM ALERT! 🚨 The clown has lost his nose Boylen has been fired! 🚨

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when will these clowns in the front office get fired. we are the joke of the nba. bulls need to get someone respected that may sign a free agent, no free agent is gonna sign with these clowns. and we have to worry about keeping our current players before they ask to be traded. enough already
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How GarPax has maintained a job for this long is beyond me.

The Bulls are like the Blackhawks, they wont be good again until Jerry Reinsdorf dies and someone else gets ownership ot the team.
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I can't see how any sane owner keeps gar/pax. They should be fired NOW.
and this coach? they fire Hoiberg and boylen has the team worse on D and O with full roster that hoiberg never had. CLOWNS........just read tweet from daniel greenberg under hoiberg LaVine 6.8 FTs per game, boylen 3.9! FIRE EVERYONE ASAPasapASAP!!!!
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This whole organization needs an overhaul. Zion can't do it all if they do end up getting him.
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I think we are gonna waive him and just absorb his salary. Reinsdorf will enjoy the money the rockets sent as well. Machado going to White Sox? Lol this franchise is a joke.
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he better never wear a jersey. i forgot he was still in the league. what is even the benefit of this trade? luxury cap savings for rockets? what do bulls get not even 2nd round draft pick?!


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Can't even begin to express my disgust and utter hatred to what this team has become.
It all falls squarely on Jerry and Michael Reinsdor. They're complacency toward they're NBA franchise is sickening.
As long as they keep selling out the Madhouse on Maddison they won't care, and will continue to allow Paxson and Forman to keep cutting this franchise at the knees over and over again.

Gar/Pax ran Thibs out of town just to bring in a complete push over to coddle the players.
Fred never stood a chance. From his initial handling of Noah coming off the bench, to standing up to players like Lavine and Parker.....Fred is not an NBA caliber coah.
Before that Pax chocked Vinny DelNegro over coaching philosophies.
They mishandled the Rose, Deng, and just about any other major injury players have had while on they're tenure here.

They said were going young......proceed to sign old @ss wade and Rondo
They said were rebuilding through the draft.....proceed to sell second rounder
Bad contract after bad contract. Unable to attract any major free agents. Constantly leaking stories about they're own players.
This list can go on and on....

What really got me vexed was this move right here.
Sooo we doing the Rockets a solid here by taking they're salary dump in exchange for some cash eh....
Sounds mighty friendly of us.....don't know why TF we would be inclined to that iissshhh!!!
The same Rockets team that poached an aging Brad Miller after having a resurgent season with us and training a young Joakim Noah (Jo always speaks highly of Miller)....same Brad Miller we drafted, and had already publicly stated he would sign for the vet min to return.
It gets better cause after Brad didn't fit in they tried to trade him back to us :lol::smh::smh::smh::smh:
The same Rockets team that again poached a young Center in Asik from us with a poison pill contract!!
The same GM (Morey) too!

I'm done.
I will always root and support but I'm done going to games, done buying merchandise, done putting money back into the Reinsdorfs pockets if they don't care about the product on the court.
Joined Apr 23, 2001
well said

and to be honest i'm thinking of jumping off this wagon. if bulls get number 1 pick and its zion and its these clowns pax/gar that get to have extended careers because they WIN THE LOTTERY more ways than one, for that i just might jump off as NOTHING will change.
i became a sports fan because of jordan. i'm loyal sure, but when a teams owner sucks the life out of you by not caring and having yes men clowns enough is enough.
i have league pass and i watch other teams more than my team. its pathetic and sad!

side note: anthony davis. people talk about lakers, Cs etc. They need to talk about bulls if we get top 2 pick, i'd think we have best shot at getting him. #1 pick for davis beats ALL offers....yes i'd trade zion for davis because i'd think we can get leonard or kemba to follow him. IF we have change in front office. Zarren of the Cs? Colangelo? Langdon(nets)? shareef(kings)? hill(HOFer)? getting a former RECENT player id think will help with free agents.

if its #2 pick could be Lauri or Carter and that pick for Davis.
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the bulls are painful. they took on more salary to trade for otto porter? how do we not get 2 first round picks in exchange. we gave up the better player!!!!!

these morons in front office are like screw it we won't get any free agents to come here because no one wants to play in cold, thats the story they tell ownership as no one wants to play for those clowns.

and otto?! what if we win zion pick, where does otto play!?! 6th man!??!!?!?! wow wow wow
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Bulls really don’t like keeping thier picks ... dumb *** move to trade BP w/ fat Barri AND a pick for Otto porter
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2nd round pick also?! yea we had to do that throw in otherwise wiz trade him to lakers/Cs/6ers/warriors. we had to or risk losing him. smart pax/gar/doug

Some free agents i could have seen us target and get
middleton - what if giannis tells middleton dont sign here i'm gonna leave soon myself
bledsoe- what if giannis tells bledsoe dont sign here i'm gonna leave soon myself
(giannis is gonna pull an AD one year from now watch)

i get it bulls don't want to be in position to have to spend money since there is salary floor on a parker type. but id rather do that again than blow any chance of signing star player. 100% if we lucked out and got zion free agents would want to play on this team with the talent we have in place already.

zion maybe Leonard and rubio come here. now i think best we can do is 18 mil offer to someone.

this guy otto is making more money than giannis
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the trade means we are going to sit out FA the next 2 summers. No idea why we sent them a pick when it was clearly a salary dump for the wizards since Otto has about $55mil and 2 yrs left on the deal.

Todays press conference made me sick. Gar told reporters with a straight face that "fans want instant gratification" when all we want is a clear direction. The FO also made it clear they are supporting Boylen as their coach for next season
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