Chicago Heads vol. first time going to Chicago

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Sup NT, I had to post here cuz the Midwest forum wasn't helping at all
. So it's my first time going to Chicago with six of my boys and I needed some info from the Chi-Town heads;

Do I fly to Midway or O'Hare?
Where is the nightlife located at? Any recommended clubs for bottle service?
If I were to get a hotel, what area or location should I be by?
Feel free to recommend me some things to do and see.

Good looking out Chi-Town!
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I would advise flying into Midway, but there is train service from O'Hare also. You can catch the Orange line into downtown from Midway and the Blue linefrom O'Hare. A one way fare is $2.25.

You wanna be downtown and you definitely wanna hit up rush st. I don't know your preferences so it would be hard to rec. clubs. Plus I haven't been outsince last year. google red eye chicago and it will fill you in on clubs and restaurants. anywhere downtown is nice to stay.

PM me if you have any specific questions.
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I've never liked the approach to Midway, landing in the middle of a neighborhood always has my stomach uneasy.

Midway will be cheaper and can be accessible, more so than O'Hare. Depends where you plan on staying though.

I was from a northwest suburb, so it took a bit of a journey to get to/from Midway rather than O'Hare.
Joined Sep 14, 2005
Well, as of right now I am picking the W hotel but not sure if the city center or lakeshore is better. Any recommendations?
Where are the strip clubs too? Hows the nightlife in ChiTown?
Joined Sep 14, 2005
bump, aint no one in chitown on NT or something? quick thanks to lazyj and antbanks
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