Chicago Question?

Nov 13, 2006
Going to Oklahoma and have a 3-hr layover at o'hare, how long does it take to get to chicago from o'hare (taxi or train (what ever is cheaper too)). And is harold's chicken still opened?
By chicago you mean downtown or where? you can get downtown via taxi in non-rush hour in 30mins give or take a few. And yes, I've only been to one once and all I could tell you about where it (cause I had really no clue where we were) was as simply put, "the hood", but I would assume there are number of locations on the south side.
glad that the title of this thread didnt contain any form of "What's Good?"

all u tryin to do is go to harold's? u tryin to go to some shops too? i suggest you have a taxi drop you off on milwaukee ave between ashland and damen. u can grab grub at the only harold's on the northside and hit up st. alfred's, leaders, and a couple boutiques if you want by walkin a couple blocks west. even though u got 3 hours, you'll still be pressed for time cuz of all the transpo and prolly delays at the gate/terminal/security check (seems like when u show up early for a flight, all goes smooth, but when you're in a rush, that's when the airport decides to eff ur day up).
I'm just gonna go on a limb and guess that you actually wanted this question answered. Yes, Harold's is still opened with many locations.

i was watching "my block chicago" and common was talking about how it was closed, i didn't know they had a few locations. Thanks for the info, usually i wouldn't leave the airport but i just don't feel like waiting there for 3 hrs. If the city is close enough i would just chill there for an hour check out some things in the city to do. I'd check out some sneaker spots if i got time, but my boy keeps going on, and on, about how i gotta hit up harolds, and their chicken is great, and ect, so thats the only place i could think of.
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