Chicago to Madison nightlife = disappointing SMH

May 5, 2006
I just moved up to Madison from Chicago and expected a bit of craziness at he clubs/bars.

I find out last night that there's only about 3 clubs total in downtown Madison. Only 1 of them plays hiphop/RnB. Madison is dead quiet at night, very few cars at night, streets are clean as hell, no bums in sight, This city is crazy quiet compared to the Chi.

The only good thing I can say about Madiosn is that there are a bunch of bars open late, a lot of them with outdoor seating, and at very cheap prices for liquor (4 shots of patron and about 5 mixed drinks was aobut $50)

I think i might have to drive back to Chicago on the weekends to party it up...maybe Milwaukee...

Anyone else know about something to do in this boring city?

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Anyone else know about something to do in this boring city?
Go to ll have more of the atmosphere your lookin for....
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yeah madison is overrated imo , just a bunch of drunk
white people all over the streets during the school year.
Halloween = straight madness tho
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Stop crying!!! Don't act like you didn't know Wisconsin was lame before you got here !!!! :b

*Team Milwaukee*How we a major city when we got trees taller than our skyscrapers!
Haha. It's too lame! Thanks for everyone's input. I am leaving work EARLY friday and coming home to Chicago!

Next week prolly head out to milwaukee. I want to go to Potawatome (sp?) Casino. What clubs/bars are worth going to? Based on the Mil update post I do plan on dropping by sky high, moda3, playmakers (can sum1 give me tha address) too.
/\There are 3 playmakers stores. Are you coming from the Chi or Mad Town?

EDIT: Don't waste your money at the casino. As far as bars/clubs, it all depends on what kind of music you like. But, if I were you I would stay on East North Ave(between Oakland and Lake Drive), or Water Street(Downtown).
*Team Milwaukee*
How we a major city when we got trees taller than our skyscrapers!
I've heard the UW kids are pretty rowdy on game days, but I can definatly see it being pretty lame all other times of the year.

I mean, your in Wisconsin.
You can't really judge the nightlife in MadTown on what you see right now. You have to wait until the end of August when everyone comes back to school. Take a walk down State St. or University Ave. on a weekend then, and every bar will be PACKED. UW isn't consistently ranked as one of the top party schools for nothing.
Madison is a chill town, you just need to relax and get yourself some coeds. a stable of 3 or 4 20yr old f-buddies and you will love Madison. you can play the hip hop while you get down.

seriously though, you will need them come winter time to keep you warm.
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Rome - Ill be coming from MadTown next week. Which playmakers is closer to sky high or moda3?

I've heard a lot of things from some locals here. IE Wait till school semester starts, football games are crazy, mad town is a laid back place, strip clubs are horrible (lap dances are 20 and they're like 10ft away from you), etc.

I guess i jus gotta calm down with my city life style. today i did learn a few things though; tried a cheese curd for the first time, tried spicy cheese bread, all at farmers market that i guess happens every week in diff places.
/\ Take 45 east, when you get close to Miller Park you'll see an exit going north, take that to Lisbon, and when you get off on Lisbon playmakers will be to your left. Right next to Wendy's. You can't miss it.

Not one Playmakers is close to Skyhigh or Moda.
*Team Milwaukee*
How we a major city when we got trees taller than our skyscrapers!
Lets get serious here. You're in a primarily college town in July. You are missing 45,000 people (all the ones who are out at the bars durring the week and the weekend) that are back home for the summer or working full time to pay for their tuition.

I loved Madison in the Summer when I was there for my last 2 years of college becuase when you are out and you see a chick out, you dont have to deal with 2,000 other people in the bar getting in your way. The Terrace at the Memorial Union is a great place in the summer but you have to be a Union member or student or be with one to get drinks.

As for hip hop clubs, you've got to be kidding right? Madison has never claimed to be some thriving urban mecca in the middle of Wisconsin and thank God for it. I was back there about 3 weeks ago for a basketball tournement and couldnt believe it. The one dance club on University Ave (that has opened more recently) was packed and had the most out of control people coming out of and the most fights I have seen in one night on campus of all the years I've been there. Police posted up outside of it all night. That night tarnished the city in my opinion.

Madison on the weekends during the school year is a crazier bar scene than anywhere in Chicago anytime of the year (St Patricks Day, White Sox winning the world series, New Years, etc, I have been in Chicago on all occasions). The only instance I wouldnt put it past Chicago would be if the Cubs won the world Series, but we know that'll never happen. I know Chicago has some good scenes and a dense population, but its not like you have 40K (not to mention all are care-free 20 somethings) packed into less than half a square mile like you do on State St at night.

Badger gamedays are rediculously fun, if you dont mind drinking at 7am and watching college football all day and then drinking all night. The place wasnt voted "Best College Sports Town" for nothing by Sports Illustrated.

LOL I didnt know clean streets and no bums detracted from a city!
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Like I said... I'm just gonna have to sit back and see what it's like when all the students are back, gamedays begin, etc.

I expected to Madison to be a smaller version of Chicago, which it is in most cases, but i guess better during the school semester. All the ppl I've talked to who have gone to school there and worked there say you'll love it, stay on State St, etc so I had this big expectation moving up for my job.

I'm used to the bums on the street, busy and crowded everything. To me that's where home is. Can't go to Buff Joes/CTA trains without the bum(s) buggin you for money. Can't cross the street without taxis about to hit you. Just a bit of a culture shock for me. I ain't asking for your sympathy. All I'm saying is that I'm anxiously awaiting the school year and HALLOWEEN! I'm sure Madison will become a city I'll grow to love, just like the Chi, jus gotta sit back and enjoy the show for now....
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