Chick sent me this message on FB. How to respond. Vol. Troll

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in reality she wants to send you pics so that you can send her pics. Next thing you know BAM!!! your on a x-rated site brotha
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Originally Posted by DimesLikeHefner

I know this is a scam.. I just wanted to reply with something funny and see what "it" says
If you know it's a scam, why do you have to crossed out her surname? ..just sayin..

Gill Baka Esq. LLC.

formerly grimlock
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[bangs] take yoo to de moveayz [/bangs]

yo this girl really seems into you, you should give her a shot

Spoiler [+]


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I have seen this and things like it first hand. These dudes must never get it in... but it could def be a trap.
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