Child Born a Boy, But Lives as a Girl with new name and identity

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[h1]Child Born a Boy, But Lives as a Girl[/h1]


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(May 19) - An Omaha child born a boy will start the next school year with a new name and a new identity -- as Katie, a girl.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, the parents of the 8-year-old say the child they first named Ben exhibited girlish tendencies as young as 2, when he would create long hair using scarves. A year later, he donned a tiara and dressed as a princess for Halloween.

The child's mother told a CNN affiliate that she's come forward to tell her family's story so people will understand. The Omaha newspaper reported that it is difficult to accurately estimate the number of people in Western countries who are transgendered, meaning they see themselves as a different gender, according to the American Psychological Association.
"If the child is truly transgender, it's not going to go away," said counselor Megan Smith, whom the family consulted.

Ben's family looked at his school drawings that expressed his frustration with feeling like a girl, but looking like a boy. They asked him what he liked about being a boy, and he always answered, "nothing."

Finally, they decided to let Ben be what he wants -- Katie.

"This really isn't our journey," his mother told the newspaper. "We're kind of observers on this path."
Whatever makes the kid happy, so its not the parents fault for letting their child have the life they want.
There's some sick people in this world. I happen to be one of them, but I don't agree with this type of sh*t though.
how do they know he'll still wanna be like that when he gets older?

lol it's funny though.
there was a psychological case on this

brenda case, where he was born a boy, but got his goods burnt off by accident as a baby so they tried to make him think he was a girl. turn out he found out,went insane, and killed himself at like 30.
For some reason I dont think this had to do with how he was brought up. Even when I was younger I knew kids like this though they didn't go as far asdressing as girls.
Originally Posted by mases apprentice

there was a psychological case on this

brenda case, where he was born a boy, but got his goods burnt off by accident as a baby so they tried to make him think he was a girl. turn out he found out, went insane, and killed himself at like 30.

Botched circumcision. It raises interesting points about the nature vs nurture debate. In these instances, they never felt that they were truly female andalways had felt something was wrong with them.

But transgender tendencies almost always start at a very young age. Being male or female is not as simple as an X or Y chromosome. It's a veryinteresting field of study.
I saw this @*+$ on a episode of Law & Order SVU
ol girl/boy turned out to be a lesbian and some other crap
It's called Gender Identification Disorder and its definitely not uncommon, comes from a hormonal imbalance in the child's brain during pregnancy.It's definitely not the kid's fault, nor is it "bad parenting" as someone suggested. Let the kid live..
when I was 8 i was thinking about what females in my class looked like nude
Originally Posted by shortydoowopp

there was a movie about this on Lifetime last was really good...about a Latino boy/girl
I remember that, he was from East Palo Alto I believe. All over the news at the time.
Isn't it normal (well not TOO normal but not uncommon) for extremely young boys to go through a phase where they try to emulate their mothers?
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