Chile earthquake vol - Tsunami warning in Hawaii (could be bad)

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Alarms going off at 6am...
8.8 earthquake in Chile, causes a Tsunami warning (not seen since 1994)...

This is not a "surf generated swell", so don't think that we are gonna charge these waves and surf them.

Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone that could be affected by this.  Im headed to high ground (left my kicks at home so you know its serious).  Wish us luck fam!
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Yeah tell me about it, I woke up cause of the sirens then my boss calls me to tell me no work today.  I just need to go up 3 levels from my building and I'll be fine.  I'll pray for those who need it though.  
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damn this is serious, 8.8 earthquake? gonna be busy texting donations again.

good luck OP, stay safe and dry.


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The first waves in Hawaii were expected to hit shortly after 11 a.m. Saturday (4 p.m. EST; 2100 GMT) and measure roughly 8 feet (2.5 meters) at Hilo.

T minus one hour.

good luck everybody


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Originally Posted by TmAk15

Damn people on here care more about sunglasses than this? ...smh
I'm just curious where you'd get off making that assumption, considering there's already a thread for this, and you're comparing it to a 1 yr old thread.
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