Chinese baby survives being flushed down the toilet

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Link to the video of the baby being rescued. Sorry don't know how to embed but the video is crazy! Makes me sick to my stomach

Jinhua, CHINA — A newborn Chinese baby was rescued from a sewage pipe after his parents seemingly flushed him down the toilet.
According to media reports, the five-pound baby boy was discovered in the toilet pipe after neighbors in his apartment block heard him crying.
Firefighters removed the pipe with the baby still inside. Crews rushed the pipe and child to an area hospital where doctors cut into the pipe and remove the baby. The placenta was still attached.
Police are searching for his parents.
“Fortunately the baby survived. But the person [who abandoned him] is still suspected of attempted murder,” said an unidentified police officer, according to the official news site
The days-old baby is reportedly in stable condition after being stuck in the pipe for at least two hours. He suffered scratches and bruises and had a low heart rate when he was found, but his condition has since improved.
China’s one-child policy can mean heavy fines for families with more than one baby. In addition, babies born out of wedlock are sometimes abandoned due to social and financial pressures.
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Saw on the news last night. Was all sorts of :x when I saw it. Glad they were able to get it out alive :smh:
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Watched that **** last night :smh:. Props to the police and the doctors doing all that can to save the little guy. ******g wild though people heard the baby in the pipes in the wall :wow:

They found the mom already.
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I wonder what the adoption system in China is like. Unfortunately, I bet it's near-nonexistent.

EDIT: Worked the Google a bit...I was referring to the internal adoption system in my op but it seems that most adoptions from China are international.

The good(ish) thing about this is that the story will attract global attention to that particular child, so some Daddy/Mama Warbucks somewhere is likely going to adopt him. This individual case might actually turn out well.

That's got to be a hell of a foster care system for the ones who no one sees tho.
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Dudes in here are really focusing on the details of China's septic system :smh: :Rollin

I'm glad they saved the baby. I almost can't even be fully mad at the parents with China's ridiculous laws. But their actions are still inexcusable.
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