choose a laptop for my friend

Joined Jun 10, 2006
Dell studio xps 16 from the DELL website or BestBuy?

He wants at least 4 gb a memory. Some other factors are.. , bluray, 1080,but what would be better nonetheless?
Joined Oct 13, 2008
I'm on the Dell XPS right now, it's dope, I checked out ALLLL of the Sony models, and none of them even came close spec wise, was a pity though becauseI wanted to cop a Sony, was willing to throw my money at them but they didn't have anything decent..
Joined Feb 15, 2003
The XPS is real nice, my buddy has got one, he loves it, can run all the newest games.
I find 90% of laptops with blu-ray drives don't even get used.
That particular XPS has a fast FSB, lots of RAM and a zippy CPU.
The only upgrade on that system would be a 500GB internal drive, I upgraded to this option on my Macbook Pro, and haven't looked back since.
Joined Oct 31, 2008
Go with the Dell XPS..

But you know someone is going to say niether and tell you get a Macbook Pro
Joined Jun 10, 2006
Mac is on the list too.. but let's decide between that. Btw is it true that the xps I listed has only 2 hour battery life, even with power save option?
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