Chris Brown and Aaliyah.........Vol. This is how you make music Drake

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I tried adding the video but it wasn't letting me.

The production on this is perfect. The mixing of Aaliyah's vocals couldn't be better. Chris has done it again :smokin
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the video is silly though, i understand abstract imagery not matching the lyrics, but it doesn't work in this case at all because

the images are so specific.  the songs is whatever, not really my cup of tea....
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I know this dude Chris Brown ain't talking about unity...FOH _.

Song is cool but there's a lot of unnecessary **** in that vid for that type of track IMO.

That joint Drake had on Thank Me Later w/ Aaliyah's vocals was fire. No slander from me there.
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This song is hot. I think I get the concept of unity though. This is off of "X" I assume. I mess with the video and song.


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we live in a world where someone who clearly isn't from LA can make a gang themed video in LA. :smh:
Exactly... It honestly ties to what Gibbs was saying in that interview. These new cats so thirsty to be on or seen smh. Chris wants to be from la so's ok boo boo. Did anyone notice how he said cor/car?!
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