Chrisette Michele's new album "Epiphany"

Nov 24, 2008
Any other Chrisette Michele fans? She's one of my favorite artists and I've been looking forward to see what she came up with for her new album. Iloved "I Am" and wasn't sure if she would be able to top it, but her new "Epiphany" definitely doesn't disappoint. Great follow-up,and its on sale on amazon for only $3:

Ya dig?

i just picked it up yesterday. i know i should be only commenting on the music, but i hadn't had a chance to listen to it all the way through. i will saythis, i enjoyed ogling at the album cover. that girl is too gorgeous. not a big fan of the weight loss, though.
Blame It On Me is my favortie but the whole thing is straight...gotta listen a few more times to see if its as good as I Am
No promotion though? At least I knew about her last album dropping but this?

Seriously, if it wasn't for this thread I probably wouldn't have known unless I checked her lastfm page.
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