Christmas Present - 2 different size shoes shipped - Customer Service Help

Dec 18, 2021
In the process of wrapping Christmas gifts and thankfully opened my sons Oreo 5's which I received in the mail at the end of November.

Left = Size 3
Right = Size 1.5

Do you know if Nike will do anything to make this right?

I'd imagine I won't have any issue getting the refund... I'm not super worried about that but we are out a pair of shoes that are sold out.

Any recommendations on how to deal with Nike customer service?


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Dec 18, 2021
I bought them through Dicks Sporting Goods website as they generally have a really good stock on Jordan Retro's for kids.

It's still within their return window, I spoke with their customer service and they will give a full refund.

Just was seeing if anyone has dealt with Nike on anything like this especially on a sold out release.
Feb 23, 2014
Dicks would definitely return them, Nike will only offer a product voucher. Best bet would be get a refund with Dicks and find a pair on ebay.
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