Joined Mar 18, 2008
So my kid sister is about to graduate high school, and she has never really left the house for more than a weekend and recently she gives us the news she wantsto volunteer for this job corp type program called CITY YEAR. I researched it a little online and through thier website but I want to know whatits REALLY like. Not what they just want us to know. Any one ever done this or know anyone who has? She's a pretty sheltered kid and Iknow first hand the excitment of being away from home for the first time but she just may not be ready for it. Plus, I dont want her getting intoalcohol/parties and what not. She's a lightweight and an emotional drunk. So yeah.... anyone have an experience with this??? Any info would be appreciated.Thanks!
Joined Oct 7, 2005
I think you're the reason why she wants to leave and volunteer to the organization...

but the website has ".org", So you must know its good
Joined Sep 21, 2008
i dont know wat they do but im in the cih and see them every were
so they cool in my book


Joined Feb 11, 2008
I always see them rocking wheat timbs
... I thought about joining just for those
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