Civil Service Exam Questions (For New York...Or does it even matter what state it is?)

Dec 1, 2002
Wadiddyup NT...

My girls cousin was talking about recommending she take a civil service exam (for post office, dmv and othe state jobs I guess, I don't know...I hate thegovt
). But we came to a conversational halt when we went online andcouldn't find alot of information about how to go about it besides just filling out some generic application and a sending a payment (which on the sites itdoesn't even specify HOW MUCH!!
[color= rgb(153, 153, 153)]Does anyone know how much it is for NY?[/color]) which is making me think its some kind of rip off.

So if any of you went through with this process can you offer some sound advice.

[color= rgb(153, 153, 153)]Obviously if she wanted to get into the post office or dmv wouldn't she have to take some priorcourses to learn about that kinda stuff?[/color] I mean it just says for anyone to fill out this generic PDF application, send a money order and then what? Getno response whatsoever cause she already sent payment (I'm iffy about that kind of stuff).

Whatever you guys can help me with or other info is appreciated...I been on about 20 websites and they dont explain crap...
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