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Joined May 13, 2006
Anyone on NT coach football?? how is it? is it fun? do you coach pee-wee, high school? share your experiences

i want to get into coaching because i want to do it when i get older but i might as well start early... I'm 18 btw
Joined May 3, 2009
Coaching is something Ive been looking forward to for years, another couple of years of college and I'll be out there.

Do you have any specific questions? To my knowledge nobody here coaches football.
Joined May 13, 2006
i dnt really have specific questions... only things i've done are coach my brothers flag football league team but i also played QB so yea...

i just wanted some one to share their experiences on here and see how it really is but i guess no one coaches
Joined Dec 24, 2003
i coached pop warner this past year.
it can get pretty frustrating.
i'd rather coach JV or Varsity.
with pop warner, you gotta teach the kids all the basics.
with high school, they know what they're doin....but you can just help them touch up on the little things.
Joined Oct 5, 2011
i would imagine that a good amount of the people that come out for hs ball have no clue what they are doing really as well.
Joined Mar 7, 2004
I coached at my old high school ever since I graduated from there which was in '06, I stopped this year to concentrate on school. The thing with coachinghigh school kids is that you have to know what you are talking about, if you come out looking stupid and making these kids feel like they're wasting theirtime they wont give you the time of day. The one thing I did which I thought was pretty effective was to be strict with them but to have fun with them once inawhile, crack a joke or two, the more fun your players have the better your results will be. And I did get results, the two years I coached we won leaguechampionships both years
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