College Basketball Players on Twitter

Joined Nov 26, 2007
I'm a huge college basketball fan and I'm following some college players on twitter.
Like: KrisJo32 , JCDeuceUno , masonplumlee , quincypondexter , jham2phresh , g_monroe10 , afree_15 , thekidet 

but I'm having a hard time finding more college basketball players. 

does anybody know some more CB players on twitter?

thanks in advance

Joined Jun 17, 2006
From Texas A&M, I know that Derrick Roland, Bryan Davis, and Dash Harris all have a Twitter. There are also quite a few high school recruits that have one (Kyrie Irving and his Twitter/Ustream shows immediately come to mind).

Couldn't really tell you much about players at other schools, though...
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