College Grads: What was your first job when you got out?

Apr 15, 2007
If everything goes well, I'll graduate next May.

I have a couple of jobs in mind that I would like, but who knows if I'll get those.

For those that have full careers at this point, where did you start? How much did you get paid? If the company located you somewhere, how did they do that? Howlong until you were promoted? Where did you do your undergrad? Did you go to grad school, did the company you worked for have a program to help you go to/ payfor grad school?
i graduated in May of 2000 from Oklahoma State University.

i moved to Dallas from Oklahoma City, and started working for HP. my degree is in Music Education, but they hired me with minimal computer knowledge.

i started at $12/hr or something like that. it was basic, entry level work.i only stayed with them for a year. a friend of mine was a programmer for Dell inAustin, so i applied and got the job with Dell. i only stayed there for a few months.

while there, i networked and met some people at AMD, Western Digital, and Seagate.

i left Dell, and decided to come back to Oklahoma City. it turned out that Seagate had several offices in Oklahoma City toward the end of 2001. i've beenat Seagate ever since.
i have been promoted several times and am making much more than i was when i first got to Seagate.

i have global responsibilities with Seagate now.

due to the economic cutbacks, we no longer provide some of the educational services we did, but tuition assistance was something that was available and will beavailable again once the economy turns around.

I've been looking at entry-level jobs at companies that seem like they'd be interesting to work for, just trying to get a decent feel for how I canexpect to live (pay off loans, that is) in the first couple years after graduation, and how long it'll take me to get towards the higher level positions tothe point where I'd be able to buy some property, etc.
Likewise with the OP.

Technically I could claim this year with a B. Sci majoring in Math and Stats. I plan to go back and bring my GPA up and finish with honors.

Ideally, I'd like to attain a decent business analyst position given my ground foundation in Stats. I'd like to go to grad school, but given my marksmy only chance is to do an MBA given some work experience.

OP what are you finishing with and what kind of jobs do plan on seeking?

For those already hired, is it just cut-throat to get promoted? I'm on my school career advice page and they list so many jobs that can be attained, but Imean, that's after getting some points down on the board.
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