College NT'ers: Appreciation Post Vol. MLA

Aug 7, 2010
Although the site is crashing right now due to extremely high traffic (tons of people like me procrastinating on their final papers) this site is a huge timesaver.

Future college NT'ers, bookmark this site, it will do wonders for you.
i used it when i had english... saved my life

I'm an English major, so I've probably used this a dozen times a quarter for the past two or three years.
I use son of citation machine.. My newswriting professor gave us a heads up on it.
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I use son of citation machine.. My newswriting professor gave us a heads up on it.
Chick in one of my groups also uses that but I find EasyBib's interface more user friendly. You don't even have to type on EasyBib... seebelow.
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Easybibs Autocite FTW!!!!!!!!!
I've been using EasyBib for a couple of years now so I had gotten used to entering in the author's name, journal title, etc. Now Icouldn't imagine using EasyBib without AutoCite. They made an easy process even easier.
easy bib and noodle tools when it comes to my works cited. as for picking classes you guys should know about ratemyprofessor but i think pickaprof is better.pickaprof shows the percentage of grades that students had in that professors class/course. so pick the professor that gives the most As and Bs
or you can use the built in system in Word 2007. Its pretty automated and straightforward.

I checked that pickaprof and its not that popular. Yes the grading summaries are neat but the reviews are lacking. Ratemyprof has way more users. Ill stickwith ratemyprof.
i never fill in the "date accessed" portion cuz i don't want the professor to know i procrastinated
Never heard about this until now and I'm graduating in 11 days.. damnit!
I use for quick Works Cited though..
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