College students please get familiar with your student loans

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i just called the student loan people to ask why was i set up to begin re-paying student loans when i haven't graduated yet. she told to that there was anerror made by the school i attend and to download a form which would solve the problem. i asked what i thought was a stupid question "can i begin to payback my student loans before i graduate?" she told yes and that my question wasn't stupid it actually i pretty smart thing to ask. She took a look atmy account ( i owe $8,000 on a subsidized loan) and told me if i waited to graduate before i paid back that loan the interest alone would make that loanincrease by an additional $3,000. Mind you i told her i plan on finishing in a year or so. She told me to send in whatever i can, whenever i can because itwould save a lot in the long run. She helped me out so I just want to pass that on to anyone who is interested. I plan on setting up an account on-line with mychecking acct so i can do a little something with that student loan. There are no additional fees for paying down your loan while in school.( I just had to askthat)
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There's a six or nine month grace period, after that you start making payments.

You can pay at any time after the money has been disbursed.
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Originally Posted by QueenCitySneakerQueen

Good looks on the info
I don't get how its good looks. All of this info is readily available through your financial aid office if you ask.
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What kind of loan do you have that you'll pay 38% interest in a year? either she mistook the amount to be $300 at 3.7%, or you've got the WORST loanin the world.

FYI... try to make at least double the payment and you'll get done in about 4 years.
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