Colleges with GOOD Design Programs?

Nov 24, 2002
Just wondering if any of you know any good colleges (CSU, UC, Private, Art School, whatever) for Design. I want to get into print design (i.e. magazine ads) and other multimedia (i.e. websites). Basically, design with the intent to be use by businesses for lets say, marketing purposes.

Anyways, if any of you have any suggestions, or know websites that may have this information (such as rankings and whatnot), let me know.

Thanks in advance.
If you want to go cheaper there is CSU Long Beach where I go. We're ranked as the best PUBLIC school with a graphic design program west of the Mississippi. We offer an opportunity at a BFA in Graphic Design and just recently opened a option for an MFA in Graphic Design.

After you do all ther requirements, you then apply to the design program by submitting a portfolio and if you get in you take an extra 30 units which makes you eligible for a BFA. As prominent a name Long Beach has in the community the program is damn hard to get into, about 1/4 of all applicants make it into the BFA program, the others just graduate with a BA in Studio Art with an emphasis in Graphic Design.

I like the school, they give you a well rounded art education, and Long Beach is up there in Printmaking, Drawing and Painting, Illustration, and was up there with sculpture.

My only gripe is that since we are a public university we only get so much funds from the state and are forced to evenly allocate it to all the colleges (i.e College of business, liberal arts, etc.) then allocate the aloocation to the departments within the colleges (GD dept, illustration dept, etc.) so the biggest and most popular department in CSULB (design) doesn't get the funding it truly deserves. So we only get 2 typography classes instead of 4 or 5 like Otis, Art Center, AICA, or any other private art school.

But this is my point, if you are passionate about design the student would take it upon themselves to learn all they can about design outside of the classroom in order to help their abilities exceed their peers in design skill and knowledge of design.

As for myself I'm busting @#%$ this summer getting my portfolio together to apply for the program either this Fall or Spring....wish me luck :\
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Art Center really is tops. But you can also consider Cal Arts & Otis. I've heard Otis is really coming up.
Thanks for the input. To be honest, I basically need a lot of refining. Not to sound overconfident or cocky, but I do have a good eye for design, and basically learned most of Photoshop and Flash during my free time. I'm not an expert in either however, which prevents me from really expanding what I want to do.

I'm at the point where I just need to learn more about getting my designs from the "that's pretty nice" stage to the "damn, that looks professional."

And I do intend to go to a public university (Cal State). Depending on how I progress there, I may further my education at a "real" art academy, but not my intention in the near future.
Art Center is the best if you have the dough. My friend who just graduated and got into Nike. He has designed the graphics for ZK 2 (like the diamond cut on the shoes and that number two and four on the ankle straps) during his summer internships.
much props to the Art Center folks (and their parents dropping that crazy bread). i've got several friends+acquaintances that came outa there. they got some mad talented cats in that joint.

the 24 logo on the ZK2's is gross tho.
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