Comcast's Internet Essentials offers $10 internet access to low-income families vol. free lunch swag

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Earlier this year, when Comcast bought up NBC Universal, the company made a promise to boost broadband access in underserved communities and, with the launch of its new Internet Essentials service, it looks poised to follow through on that commitment. Originally laid out as the Comcast Broadband Opportunity Program, the plan offers internet access for only $10 a month to families with children who qualify for free lunch programs. Taking its commitment even further, the outfit is offering a $150 voucher for the purchase of a computer, access to free digital literacy training, and a Norton Security Suite. Of course there are a couple of requirements -- one being that you have to have made good on previous Comcast bills -- but we're hoping this will help the old red, white, and blue climb a couple rungs on the broadband adoption ladder. Full details of the ambitious plan await you in the PR after the break.
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