come on jb you need to think about it?

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hey everone well i am not sure but you can call me crazy i am a true collector and i think its getting harder and harder to get them those days like jordan bin we need to pay more than 2 times retail price for it on ebay so that sad well i dont mind ppl camping out for them so jb need t(o think about it ?
well let me knw what you think ?
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They need to think about what? Making um more available I’m guessing right. I think the limitability of a item jus makes the art of collecting that much satisfying and desirable, if there is no real challenge in it, then it lacks in those aspects imo
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Yeah I'm not too sure what you're trying to say.
If you're talking about collecting because you love the sneakers (as I do), then I'm a firm believer in GR's, because the odd HypeBeast will pick these up, and have them for a bit
and throw them away or sell them when the new "thing" comes in. But the people that love them will have them long after the hypebeast has left the scene. Example Foam/Flight Posites.

But if you're talking about collecting for the sake of having a collection, then it's the people that created this convention of collecting sneakers as a hobby that started these companies on the QS/LS/HS/Supreme/Limited Collection stuff, and you got what you asked for.
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kard007, instead of flaming you, I'm going to tell you more or less what everyone else on this post is trying to say (in a nice way). Please make your point clearer. The way you wrote it makes no sense to anyone but you. I understand that maybe you were in rush when you wrote it so please try to write it a little better when you have the time.
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lol ^^^^^^^ but im guessing make more pairs of the "BIN" sneakers that are coming out so people wont have to overpay?
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