Comet Elenin hitting planet Earth this October? Vol. End of the world?

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[h3]Comet Elenin[/h3]Some have also associated Nibiru with Comet Elenin, a long-period comet discovered by Russian astronomer Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010. On 16 October 2011, Elenin will make its closest approach to the Earth at a distance of 0.2338 AU (34,980,000 km; 21,730,000 mi),which is slightly closer than the planet Venus.Nevertheless, this has led some conspiracy websites to conclude that it is on a collision course, that it is as large as Jupiter or even a brown dwarf, and even that the name of the discoverer, Leonid Elenin, is, in fact, code for ELE, or an Extinction Level Event.

Although the sizes of comets are difficult to determine without close observation, Comet Elenin is likely to be less than 10 km in diameter.Elenin himself estimates that the comet nucleus is roughly 3–4 km in diameter.This would make it millions of times smaller than the supposed Nibiru. Comet hysteria is not uncommon. Attempts have been made to correlate Elenin's alignments with the 2011 Japan earthquake, the 2010 Canterbury earthquake, and 2010 Chile earthquake; however, even discounting Elenin's tiny size, earthquakes are driven by forces within the earth, and cannot be triggered by the passage of nearby objects. In 2011, Leonid Elenin ran a simulation on his blog in which he increased the mass of the comet to that of a brown dwarf (0.05 solar masses). He demonstrated that its gravity would have caused noticeable changes in the orbit of Saturn years before its arrival in the inner Solar System.

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Oh boy I hope that crazy rapture guy doesn't hand out flyers again in NYC for the end of the world lol
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Back to not giving a damb i go.

People who live in fear because of what they hear on media are lame.
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