coming out of my girlfriends closet

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me and my gf (whos a senior leaving for college at the end of the summer) have been going out for 6 months now, and for the past couple weeks weve been gettingin some intense fights. but for the past week we got back on our feet and we were good for a while. so on the first day of summer, noone was at her house forthe first time, and i went over. we did absolutely nothing, maybe a little makeout, but after a while we went up to her room then took a nap in her room. hermom said shed be home in an hour or two, but half an hour later we woke up to the rustling of someone downstairs. i ran in her closet and her mom walkedupstairs saying she came home to pick up something. she immediately looked in her closet and found me in there. This was possibly the WORST feeling ive ever felt in my life, i swear my heart skipped a beat. her mom already didnt really like the idea of me, so shewas furious and kicked me out saying me and her daughter are done and to never come back. after this happened, my gf has been questioning our relationshipbecause we were already shaky, but as of now were good. how do i make this work through summer without jeapordizing my relationship?
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better work it out bfore she hits college cause the freshman hungry beats r waitin and super mom won't be there... Be brave n try havin a talk wit mom dukewhile she is there as well and explain to her why you're not only good for her daughter but also essential to her maturity, moms tend to eventuallyunderstand, but don't try pops lol, ur gf mite think its brave and romantic n possibly love u more for it, but i can't promise u it will work or datthis is da best thing to do
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Originally Posted by frankl1001

let her go.... she leaving for college, you know what that means
that doesn't mean ++#*. we've concluded that OP is not smashing, therefore his girl is probably pretty goody-goody. not all girls aregoing to turn into bops in college and be cheating on their boyfriend back home
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damn yall gotta quit it with the YNS.

buncha immature little scasians in here man i swear.
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