common @ gtown :: saturday 19th :: sounds by dj clue

Joined Jan 16, 2002
Damn talk about short notice.

I just wish Com would come with his old !@#@, I mean granted his last few albums have been more "love" oriented, I wishthe dude would just go off.

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I would love to attend since I'll be up there visiting. Can't beat $20 a pop...Too bad my friends prolly won't know who Common is and I don'twanna go solo.
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Had a lot of fun last night. Common killed it.

He had the whole crowd into it and his Georgetown freestyle was

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yeah the performance was amazing. this dude raped, freestyled, acted, and break danced. It was really good performance
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Yeah show was hot. Too bad sound was echoing so much. But when Common started breakdancing was the highlight.

And yes, G-town freestyle was dope.

Glad they shook that crazy mess about "No Bags" cuz my Lady was NOT having that!

Felt kinda cool to have my tickets at Will Call under EVERYDAY PPLE.

Was toward the front of the line to get in, but stayed in the back of the venue so the kids can party. lol.
Joined Jul 4, 2006
Shoechick I caught that too. I just aint say nothin'. I was at my desk crackin' up when I read that typo. lmao.
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Originally Posted by TypeRPinoY

wow when i was at gtown GPB was bringing in somre really lame acts for concerts
what do you have against Nappy Roots? OAR? and Vertical Horizon? Those were all great acts....
Joined Nov 18, 2004
Common killed it Gtown Freestyle was cool, doesnt compare to his Howard Freestyle from homecoming 2 years ago. Show was great and the Lady enjoyed
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